My philosophy on Teamwork:

I am always willing to follow and learn from the amazing experiences, skills and backgrounds that other people have. I am always positive and do my best to never criticize, although I have my momentary lapses occasionally! I know that to work best with people their must be no hostility and that we must be loyal and trust each other 100%.

I have been blessed with the following opportunities that have allowed me showcase my abilities in working with others:

1)Happily married man- who does the chores & listens to his wife talk about her tough day.

2)Essex Ravens under 21 Football Captain 2 years, 2 time National Champion & 2xDPOY (after 7 years of playing) – Played with 2 players that are currently playing in the NFL.

3) Canadian under 20 Football Champions – North American Tournament where my team consisted of multiple current NFL players.

4)University of Windsor Lancer Football- Academic player of the Year & Tutor for Multiple players on Academic Probation

5)UofW Course Coordinator –2 courses: Principles of biochemical techniques & Anatomy for nursing students

6)Volunteer tutor- for 3 years at OCPM, 4 years at UofM, and 1 year at UofW

7)Voted tutor of the year at UofM – and invited to dinner with UofM school president

8)Ultimate Frisbee Team Captain- Local Rec Team (8x) & UofM 1x





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