2nd Toe Capsulitis and 2nd Toe Plantar Plate Cure! [Taping & Treatment]

🦶Do you have second toe capsulitis, a plantar plate injury or a second toe hammer toe? Fix your 2nd toe capsulitis & plantar plate!🦶

🦶Do you have second toe capsulitis, a second toe plantar plate injury or a second toe hammer toe?🦶

  • We have you covered for your second toe capsulitis treatment and second toe plantar plate injury treatment!
  • We have you covered with our second capsulitis taping treatment, second toe plantar plate treatment and second toe hammer toe treatment guide! This can also be known as second toe predislocation syndrome
  • We will show you the best home treatment for this second toe capsulitis and second toe predislocation syndrome taping. Focus on 2nd toe exercises, second toe massage & 2nd toe stretches!
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Best Second Toe capsulitis and Plantar Plate Injury Orthotics:

Best Overall Orthotic: https://geni.us/PowerStepOrthotics (Amazon)

Best Heavy Duty Orthotic: https://geni.us/HeavyDutyOrthotics (Amazon)

Best Women’s Orthotic: https://geni.us/BestWomensOrthotic  (Amazon)

Best Affordable 3/4 Orthotic: https://geni.us/ShortLengthOrthotics (Amazon)

Best sub $25 Soft Orthotic:  https://geni.us/BudgetSoftOrthotic (Amazon)

Best sub $25 Budget Orthotic: https://geni.us/BudgetOrthotic (Amazon)

Best Carbon Insole(For Broken or Stiff Toes) https://geni.us/CarbonInsole (Amazon)


Best for Second Toe capsulitis and Plantar Plate Injury:

Best Compression Sleeves: https://geni.us/PlantarFasciitisSock (Amazon)

Best Affordable Cold Therapy Wrap: https://geni.us/FootIceSock (Amazon)

Full Length Compression Socks: https://geni.us/CompressionSock (Amazon)

Best Foot Massage Roller: https://geni.us/FasciitisMassage (Amazon)

Best Budget Compression Ankle Brace: https://geni.us/AnkleCompression  (Amazon)

Best Muscle Massage Stick: https://geni.us/MuscleStick (Amazon)


Second Toe capsulitis and Plantar Plate Injury Stretches & Exercises:

Best Ankle Stretch Incline Board: https://geni.us/z7bq (Amazon)

Best Budget Stretching Device: https://geni.us/BudgetFasciitisStretch (Amazon)

Good Ankle & Calf Stretching Device: https://geni.us/AnkleStretchingBoard (Amazon)

Best Hamstring & Knee Stretch Device: https://geni.us/BestHamstringStretch (Amazon)

Good Soft Stretch Splint: https://geni.us/SoftStretchSplint (Amazon)

Good Hard Stretch Splint https://geni.us/HardNightSplint (Amazon)

Best Muscle Foam Roller: https://geni.us/BestFoamRoller (Amazon)

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  1. Please tell me what type of tape you use for plantar plate injury. In the video, it looks like you have a roll of duck tape. I’ve seen others recommend leuckotape. Please advise.

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