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Six reasons to choose our podiatrists & foot doctors:

Experienced Doctor

Residency & fellowship trained. Choose the best!

Emergency Visits

Broken bones, infections and wound care: See us immediately!

Insurance Coverage

We take most major insurances. We tell you if something is not covered.

Hospital Trained

We are on staff at St. Joseph Hospital: Howell, Brighton & Ann Arbor.

Shoes & Orthotics

Orthotics modified and dispensed at the first visit.

Proven Results

See why we are the #1 choice in reviews and referrals in Livingston county!

Not just any foot doctor.

Top Rated Podiatrist & Foot Doctor

  • Evidence Based Treatments
  • Renowned Educators of Orthotic Therapy
  • Surgical Leaders where Surgery is the Last Resort
  • Same Day Urgent Care Appointments

We treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ingrown nails, athlete’s foot, bunions and fungal nails non-surgically. We also offer surgical intervention for bunions, neuromas and hammertoe when surgery is needed.

Howell Michigan Podiatrist & Foot Doctor
Howell Michigan Foot Doctor & Podiatrist
Dr. Tomasz Biernacki DPM Podiatrist
Hamburg Michigan Podiatrist & Foot Doctor

Only the Best

Modern Care

Dr. Biernacki is an attending physician at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital podiatric surgery residency program:

This means Dr. Biernacki is exposed to the most modern training techniques. We at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists strive to give you the best cutting edge care. Feel comfortable that you are well taken care of here!

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our patients are saying.

trusted by Thousands of

“Dr. Biernacki recommended good shoes and a brace for 20 minutes a day. Much to my amazement, my foot is pain free. Thank you soooo much.”

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“Recommend Dr. Biernacki. Very caring and takes time to explain. Great office staff as well.”

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“Dr. Biernacki saved me from losing my foot. Had some kinda flesheating bacteria. Lost a bit of my big toe getting all the infection. Thanks doc.”

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“Dr Biernacki is my podiatrist—
He is just the best!!”

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Insurance Options For Almost everyone

Gift Yourself Pain Free Feet!

Podiatrist care is covered by insurance. You really have no excuse to start feeling as healthy as a teenager. We will get you walking better than you have walked in many years!