Why Are My Feet Always Cold? [Hands and Feet: Causes & Remedies]

🦶Why are my feet always cold? Why are my hands always cold? We review the causes, meaning & what to do about it!🦶

Cold hands and feet? Why do cold feet sting in hot water?
Poor blood flow (circulation) in your legs and feet causes cold feet. Poor blood flow means that it takes longer for the blood to reach your feet. Your blood travels through pathways (blood vessels) in your circulatory system. These pathways can close, harden and narrow, making it difficult for blood to flow steadily.

Why are my feet sweating but are cold? Why are my feet cold at night?

Cold feet could be a sign of an underlying condition. Several conditions that affect blood flow include:
Autoimmune conditions (anemia).
Heart disease.
Hormonal changes (hypothyroidism).
Narrow artery blockages or constricted blood vessels.
Nerve conditions (fibromyalgia).
Peripheral artery disease.
Raynaud’s phenomenon.

0:00 Why are my hands and feet always cold?
0:50 Cold feet meaning?
1:10 Cold feet causes?
1:45 Why is my body warm, but my feet are cold & when to worry?
2:08 why are my feet always cold: Nerve damage
2:40 Circulation problems and what deficiency causes cold feet?
3:30 What is cold feet a sign of & a diagnosis
3:45 Blood clot
4:00 Swelling & Lymphedema video
5:00 Nerve damage and deficiencies of vitamins
5:45 What deficiency causes cold hands and feet? Anemia & Nerve Damage
6:05 Raynaud’s disease
6:30 Diagnosis
7:00 Treatment
7:30 Compression socks
10:30 Fasting & Weight loss

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